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Potato & Root Veg Surgery

Event Information

Potato & Root Veg Surgery
April 4, 2017
8:00 am – 9:00 am
Mytton and Mermaid, 

Suitable for: Growers, Agronomists and Technical Advisors

Event type: Seminar with Q&A session

Duration: About 1 hour

Places limited, booking required (register below, email or call)

Nitrogen and calcium are the two main influencers on root and tuber yield and quality. Levity’s David Marks explains how to get the best out of them in the first Levity Breakfast Club meeting of 2017. 

Nitrogen and Calcium have a big influence on quality, yield and disease levels in root crops. Get them wrong and crops suffer, get them right and yield and quality follows. 

Expert crop scientist David Marks will provide answers to questions such as:

  • How can I maintain N levels without excess top growth?
  • Why is Cavity spot s hard to correct with conventional calcium products?
  • How can we get calcium into roots and tubers?
  • How can I get tuber numbers and size up?
  • How do I protect yield and quality in dry periods?

Essential Information

Lono for potatoes, a product that has produced yield increases of 4-6MT per ha in UK and European field trials.

Albina for root veg, a new product that aims to set a new benchmark for prevention of Cavity spot and Internal Rust Spot.


David is known worldwide for his work on understanding how crops use calcium and nitrogen. He has advised on potato and root crops all over the world in countries as far afield as Argentina, the United States, Kenya and Egypt helping growers get better yields in challenging growing conditions. David Marks

Managing Director, David's Profile

Jon Birchall is a Farm Consultant and Agronomist managing some 3000 acres of a broad spectrum of arable crops. With 30 years experience of farming and advising on arable crops Jon knows farming inside out, and is a former BBC Farmer of the Year. Jon Birchall

Customer Liaison & Trials Coordinator , Jon's Profile

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