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Levity Ramadan Breakfast 2018

Event Information

Levity Ramadan Breakfast 2018
June 10, 2018
Cleopatra Hotel, 

Suitable for: Growers, Wholesalers, Agronomists and Technical Advisors

Event type: Seminar with Q&A session

Duration: 5 hours

Places are now closed, but to find out more information about upcoming Breakfast Clubs or to host one contact us (Email or Call)

Stressful growing conditions are the main influence on crop yield and quality in Egypt. Levity’s Iad Zurayk explains how to get better yields and quality using Levity products in the first international Levity Breakfast Club meeting of 2018. 

Stress has a big influence on quality, yield and disease levels in crops. Conventional fertilisers make crops weak and less able to cope with stress. Levity technology can help crops growing in arid climates to achieve the best yield and quality. 

Expert agronomist Iad Zurayk will provide answers to questions such as:

  • Is there a better way to use nitrogen?
  • Why are physiological disorders are hard to correct with conventional calcium products?
  • How can we help crops grow where salinity is high?
  • How can I get colour and brix levels up?
  • How do I protect yield and quality in hot periods?

Cleopatra Hotel, Menya, Egypt

Essential Information.

Lono Plus, Lono, Albion, Damu and Sulis are all now available in Egypt. Lono and Lono plus build yield and quality, Damu increases size of fruit and tubers, Sulis improves colour and brix, and Albion protects quality and shelf life.


Iad is known worldwide for his work on arid and tropical agronomy. He has advised on many all over the world in countries as far afield as Ecuador, the Philippines, Ghana and Egypt helping growers get better yields in challenging growing conditions.

Iad Zurayk

Africa Business Development Manager, Iad's Profile

Mahmoud is the MD of United Group of Agencies Agricultural Development Co, exclusive distributor for Levity products in Egypt. Mahmoud and his team have many years of experience in the Egyptian market and will be helping Egyptian farmers get the most from Levity products.

Mahmoud Aboalazaym

Managing Director, United Group

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