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For improved bulking of root crops.

Key Benefits

Increased flower and fruit numbers

Improved fruit size

More even size distribution

Improved growth during stress

Better fruit quality

Transplant establishment

Technical Data:

Damu works by directing the flow of photosynthates in leaves towards roots, fruit and tubers. This helps the plant to use its energy to bulk up the crop rather than force late season leaf growth. This approach both safeguards quality, and improves size of crops ahead of harvest.

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Application Rates

Why is bulking important?

Direction of photosynthate flow is the strongest influence on grading late season. If growing conditions favour shoot growth then more undersized tubers or fruit occur and yield reduces. Damu focuses the plant on pushing resource into yield, forming complexes to move sugars and lifting size and quality.

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Damu Application Rates

PotatoFoliar apply in a minimum of 100L water volume1L Per HaMonthly whilst bulking or whenever the crop is showing excess top growthIncrease size and dry matter content
Foliar apply in a minimum of 100L water volume5L Per Ha2 weeks prior to harvestIncrease size and dry matter content
Oilseed RapeFoliar apply in a minimum of 200L water volume1-2.5L Per HaApply at 4 to 6 leaf stage followed by a further application at the onset of stem extension. An additional application may be made at the start of flowering where boron deficiency is suspected. Apply in 200L/ha of waterIncreased yield, pod set and pod size
Fruit Trees & Grape VinesFoliar spray2L Per Ha2-4 week intervals following flowering. Apply in 400 – 800L/ha of water.Improved size, homogeneity and colour
Brassica VegetablesFoliar spray2.5L Per Ha2.5L per Ha from the 4 to 6 leaf stage with repeat applications every 10 to 14 days for moderate or severe deficiency. Apply in 200L per Ha of waterPrevent Boron deficiency symptoms
Tomato, Pepper Cucumber, MelonFoliar spray2L Per HaAt each flowering periodIncrease flower set and fruit size
CerealsFoliar spray0.5L Per HaG.S. 61 According to crop demand. Apply in 200L per Ha of waterPrevent Boron deficiency symptoms
Root VegetablesFoliar spray1-2L Per HaWhen growing conditions are generating rapid shoot growth or to address nutrient deficiencyIncrease size and dry matter content
Foliar spray5L Per Ha7 to 10 days ahead of harvestIncrease size and dry matter content

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Stress Resistance

Farmers know that the weather is the single biggest influence on yield, so managing a crop’s ability to deal with it pays large dividends to farmers.

Levity have a strong research focus on helping crops cope with stress.

Our products help deliver better crops during difficult growing conditions.

Gold Standard

Growers that work with Levity achieve the highest possible quality.

Our scientists understand how to improve colour, brix, size, shape, shelf life and grading.

Growers around the world rely on Levity products to help them get the best quality crops possible, fetch the best price in the marketplace and keep the confidence of buyers.

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