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Using Nutritional Products More Efficiently (CPM Magazine)

The Article David Marks is the managing director of Levity Crop Science, the company behind the nutritional products used on the record-breaking Lamyman winter wheat and OSR crops. He’s also a scientist and visiting research fellow at Lancaster University, with a passion for making agriculture all over the world more sustainable. In a nutshell that means increasing the efficiency of fertiliser use. He believes growers are using twice as much inputs as are needed, to gain about half the yield that should be possible.“There’s a lot of room for lifting yield, and reducing inputs and the industry should be...

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Ecoculture Bioscience License Termination

EcoCulture Bioscience’s manufacturing and distribution rights for Levity formulations expire on the 19th September 2015, and are to be terminated. Ecoculture and it’s distributor network will no longer have access to Levity formulations and technology. The product formulations that have previously been marketed through Ecoculture Biosciences (Delta, Calflux, 1-4-All, X-Stress, TipTop)  will all no longer be available through Ecoculture and it’s distributors and any products traded under those brand names will no longer be guaranteed to contain Levity Technology or to be made using Levity formulas. From September 2015 the only place that Levity formulations will be available will be through Levity CropScience Ltd and its approved distributors and partners. Any product not supplied through Levity CropScience can not be guaranteed to be genuine product, to have our technology inside it, and to work effectively. To avoid disappointment, look for the Levity CropScience brand, or ‘Levity CropScience inside’ logos to ensure you have genuine Levity formulated...

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BBSRC Funding for Iron Chelate Research

Levity are pleased to announce that Dr Vesna Najdanovic of Lancaster University will be working with Levity, on a ambitious programme of research investigating extraction of a novel natural iron chelate. The project, funded by the BBSRC High Value Chemicals from Plants group, will be jointly supervised by David Marks of Levity CropScience and Dr Vesna Najdanovic of Lancaster University. Work will take place both within the new Engineering facility at Lancaster University, and at Levity’s Lancaster University facilities. Dr Najdanovic is appointed Fellow in Energy Lancaster at the Engineering Department of Lancaster University. Her area of research interests...

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Levity Visit 2015 European Field Trials.

Levity took a look at their field trial sites this week, and we are pleased to report the Levity treatments are showing up well. This year our focus in Europe has been on testing two new products ToucaN and Super ToucaN on potato, cereal and field vegetable crops ready for their launch in September 2015. Levity’s David Marks said “We have a major product launch coming up soon, and we have extensive field trials in place in the UK and northern Europe, as well as extensive research trials at our Lancaster University and Myerscough Agricultural College. It’s an exciting...

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New Myerscough Facilities Increase Levity’s Research Capacity.

Levity is pleased to announce that they have further expanded their research facilities at Myerscough Agricultural College. Since relocating their head office to Myerscough’s Rural Business Centre in 2013 Levity have experienced rapid growth. In 2014 Levity took on larger offices at Myserscough College’s Rural Business Centre, and now Levity have further expanded their presence on campus, by taking space in a new £400,000 research glasshouse. Levity’s Head of Research Anna Weston said “We are delighted to be able to further increase our presence here” Anna is a Myerscough College alumni, and a former star student, having picked up...

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Levity Welcome Dr Antje Fiebig

Levity are pleased to announce that Dr Antje Fiebig will be working with Levity for six months, on an ambitious programme of research investigating new applications for titanium in agricultural crops. Dr Fiebig gained a BSc in Horticulture from the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden, Germany, doing her dissertation research in Japan. After completing her PhD, funded by the Horticultural Development Company, she stayed on at the Lancaster Environment Centre as a research associate. The project, funded by EPSRC IAA seed funding grant, will be jointly supervised by David Marks of Levity CropScience and Dr Ian Dodd of...

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Omex Secure Byron (Clubroot Treatment) For Exclusive Testing 2015

“Levity CropScience is pleased to announce, Omex have secured exclusive testing rights of Byron (anti-clubroot treatment) during 2015”. Clubroot is a worldwide problem, that contributes to significant crop losses in nearly every agricultural market outside of Africa.   The estimated crop losses in the UK alone are £30m a year, due to the clubroot pathogen, Plasmdiophora Brassicae. Clubroot is a is a disease of Brassicas, and affects nearly every species of brassica we cultivate for food, from savoy cabbage and brussel sprouts through to oil seed rape. Clubroot infection causes characteristic galling and swelling of the roots. The root...

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