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Levity Crop Science Shortlisted E3 Business Award

Levity Crop Science have been shortlisted for the ‘International Business Award’ in the 2018 E3 Business Awards Launched in 2013, the E3 Awards are now in their sixth year. Designed to be the North West’s most inclusive business awards, they celebrate diversity and outstanding achievement on the part of companies, charities, social enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. “The E3 Business Awards are now an established part of the regional business calendar,” said 1EM managing director Mubarak Chati. “Every year, the number and calibre of applicants has risen; finalists in this year’s event have risen to the top a pack that...

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Levity’s David Marks Named as Global SDG Awards Judge

Co-Managing Director of Levity CropScience, David Marks, has been invited to be a judge in the Zero Hunger category at the inaugural Global SDG Awards. The Global Sustainable Development Goal Awards, which will take place later in 2018, are an international sustainability initiative, designed to increase private sector engagement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework, through competition. In total, there are 17 SDGs, including Good Health and Well-being, Climate Action, and Zero Hunger. Levity CropScience, based in Bilsborrow, Lancashire, takes an innovative approach to  agronomy and their experts are recognisedas leaders in increasing yields and crop  problem solving. Offering tailored troubleshooting agronomy advice for growers, their specialist scientists understand the problems of growers and create market leading fertiliser products to solve their issues. At...

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Levity CropScience exports new product to Ghana

Fertiliser manufacturer said its new Tropical Albina product improved yield, resilience and quality in banana crops in recent trial Levity CropScience has new markets in Ghana and West Africa   Fertiliser manufacturer Levity CropScience has received its first order from banana growers in Ghana for its new Tropical Albina product. The order follows a successful trial that helped increase yields and quality of banana crops during stress periods, Levity said, and helps the plant better resist fungal diseases like Sigatoka. As well as Ghana, the company will also start exporting to banana farms in other West African markets. Ghana...

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Levity CropScience appoints American distributor

Lancashire, UK, based Levity CropScience has responded to the increasing demand for its smart fertilisers by appointing its first distributor in the USA – OMEX Agrifluids USA. Levity has an innovative approach to agronomy and their specialist scientists offer tailored advice to growers. This is because their scientists understand the problems of growers and create chemical based smart fertiliser products to solve those problems. Levity’s Lono fertiliser range will be introduced to the American market by OMEX Agrifluids USA, based in California, where it will be marketed as ’Size N’. During independent trials, Size N has been proven to...

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Levity CropScience Appoints Jordanian Distributor

Lancashire based Levity CropScience has broadened its reach across the Middle East with the appointment of a Jordanian Distributor, Yasser Abusnaina, based in Amman. Levity has an innovative approach to agronomy and their specialist scientists offer tailored advice and solutions, since they understand the problems of growers and create smart fertiliser products to solve those problems. The Jordanian distributor owns the Gheras and Fanan for Agriculture company and this agreement will allow growers in Jordan to access Levity’s innovative products; Lono, Lono Plus, Albion, and Damu. Lono and Lono Plus have been proven to increase potato yields by as...

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Understand Nitrogen Key to Higher Yields

While nitrogen will always be the driver of potato production, relying solely on conventional sources supplied via the soil results in weak vegetative growth, according to David Marks, of Levity Crop Science. He said: “When we feed crops N, they mostly take it up as nitrate, which means plants mostly use their N to put on top growth. In crops like potato, farmers must manage conflict between applying the N their crop needs, and the crop’s natural propensity to use that N to grow foliage rather than tubers. This leads to a reduction in tuber setting and bulking.” To combat...

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Levity’s David Marks to Speak at Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture

Levity are pleased to announce that they are to exhibit at the Global Forum for Innovation in Agricuture in Abu Dhabi on the 5th – 6th of February 2018. Born with the belief that continuous innovation in agriculture is the only way to sustainably feed nine billion people by 2050, the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture has emerged as a global authority on sustainable food production, driving innovation through exhibitions and conferences across the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Since 2014, GFIA events have welcomed over 20,000 visitors and worked with over 50 globally significant partners committed to...

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